clayoquot sound

Birds Eye View - Colouring Page

I always default on ocean themes, but after spending a week at an Island (and bird sanctuary) in Mexico I have started to appreciate birds just that much more. I always know spring is coming when I hear the Robins in the morning. At the docks, we see Gulls, Crows, Ravens, KingFishers, Barn Swallows, Herons, Bald Eagles and so many more that I don't even know the names of (my daughters birding buddies would be able to list them all off). Bald Eagles are significant in so many first nations stories and legends across BC, and I love that we are lucky to see healthy populations of them here in Tofino and Clayoquot Sound.   

Feel free to download May's colouring page (a little early treat). It will also be in May's Tofino Time magazine. Enjoy! :)


Cover Art - Clayoquot Action Winter Report 2015/16

Clayoquot Action is a non profit organization based out of Tofino determined to protect the biodiversity of Clayoquot Sound. Currently one of their big focuses is to get fish farms out of this pristine sound. They have started an indiegogo crowd funding campaign to to help in their efforts to travel to Norway to make sure Cermaq, the salmon farming giant, understands that they are not welcome here.  

Fish farms are something that hits close to home for us. Living on the water we feel so much more in tune with the delicate balance of nature when it comes to the ocean. Adam (my husband and sport fish guide) can attest to the effects of fish farms on wild salmon stocks. I was flattered when Clayoquot Action asked to use my image for their Winter Report cover.