Tofino Boardwalk

The Tofino Boardwalk (put on by the Tofino Arts Council) is a collection of 20 embellished surfboards created by 20 of Tofino’s Local artists. The project aims to bring together ART, SURF and Business in a creative partnership that expresses our community’s love of the ocean. 

The boards are located throughout Tofino in various sponsored locations (August to October's Tofino Time contains a centerfold map). In early spring 2017 the TAC will be hosting a gala where all the boards will be auctioned off. Proceeds will go to further the support of arts in Tofino, to kids surf and ocean based programs at Wickaninnish Elementary and a small portion to the artists. More information about the Tofino Boardwalk can be found on the Tofino Arts Council website

Fluid Forest is the board I painted for the project and is located at Storm Light Outfitters on Main Street in Tofino. 

Surfboard Art... A new kind of board for me

The Rip Curl Pro was this weekend in Tofino and hundreds of wave watchers came to our little town to watch some of Canada's best. There were plenty of Tofitians in the mix, both young and old and some out of towners also venturing out in our frigid west coast waters.

I was asked to attend the Rip Curl Pro Photo Showdown event at The Shore as essentially an art installation painting a surfboard live during the event. Of course I was a little nervous as I had never painted live... Even in the 12 years of creating chalk art signs, I NEVER did them on site! Luckily a couple of pals loaned me their boards so I could practice, so once the event came I felt confident enough to pull it off in those conditions. The problem now is that I absolutely love painting on them so I have a feeling there will be many more in my future!

(Scroll to 1:48 on the video below for a teenie cameo of me! haha)

Painting this beautiful new Aftanas to the sweet sounds of Vince Vaccaro... For a while he was jamming with Tom Curren who made a guest appearance to the event. A very different work environment than my little studio!

Painting this beautiful new Aftanas to the sweet sounds of Vince Vaccaro... For a while he was jamming with Tom Curren who made a guest appearance to the event. A very different work environment than my little studio!


My Wish For The New Year...

Living aboard can be the most amazing lifestyle choice about 90% of the time. We have done it now with our family of 4 for over a year now. I feel so much more in tune with environmental changes and weather systems than I ever did living in a house. I feel more aware of my footprint as we consume less when living aboard… less power, less water, less stuff, less space, less waste. Most general tasks tend to take more effort so I feel less complacent and more appreciative of the little things (ie. laundry machines and showers). The desire to get rid of ‘stuff’ is addicting (except art supplies of course). The feeling of freedom from carrying less is invigorating and every day feels like an adventure. I hope we can inspire those who think that could NEVER do it. 

There is that remaining 10% though. When back to back days of hard rain hit, or when the condensation and leaky drips increase, or when 40+ knot SE wind storms last for days, or when teenager/parent battles happen (luckily there aren’t many), or when the momentary need for space gets overwhelming, or when the dock is an ice rink, or when the public showers are disgusting or worse… broken, or when Adam really needs to watch the hockey series and there is no escape from the yelling, or when the laundry machines are busy… or like this past 2+ weeks of a full on dock power outage during a wicked cold snap! Those are times when we wonder how and why we do it. 

I suppose it is all about ‘perspective’. We are happy, healthy, strong and have all we ‘need’. I have so much gratitude to Adam for his willingness to get outside to fire up the generator in sub zero temps first thing in the morning while we all huddle under our blankets (and of course for everything else). I am thankful to my girls for their patience, understanding, resilience and hardiness. I am grateful to my friends who offer support, kindness and a hot shower when needed. There are so many people facing hardships of all kinds as we all welcome in a new year and this is nothing compared to them. 

So here’s my wish for the new year… sorry its a bit late (preoccupied by 'life'... haha). I wish YOU all good health, profound happiness, financial freedom, full bellies, deeper perspective, mind blowing inspiration, free flowing creativity, eternal gratitude, epic adventures and true love for 2016 and on. Cheers!

(Now if you'll excuse me I need to wash my hair in my studio sink since the power is still out and the water hoses are frozen at the dock... hahahaha!!!)

Cover Art - Clayoquot Action Winter Report 2015/16

Clayoquot Action is a non profit organization based out of Tofino determined to protect the biodiversity of Clayoquot Sound. Currently one of their big focuses is to get fish farms out of this pristine sound. They have started an indiegogo crowd funding campaign to to help in their efforts to travel to Norway to make sure Cermaq, the salmon farming giant, understands that they are not welcome here.  

Fish farms are something that hits close to home for us. Living on the water we feel so much more in tune with the delicate balance of nature when it comes to the ocean. Adam (my husband and sport fish guide) can attest to the effects of fish farms on wild salmon stocks. I was flattered when Clayoquot Action asked to use my image for their Winter Report cover.

New Website Just In Time For Fall

Finally after a busy summer of "coming soon" I have MADE THE TIME to get my site finished up. I was getting a little tired of seeing that holding page, but it has been a busy season here in Tofino. My husband just launched his own sport fishing business and needed my help getting set up, and I took on a new studio space off the boat, Saturday Markets, clients design work and making sure the kids weren't abandoned all summer (oh, and eating way too many donuts)! The town is still busy, but for the most part everyone is getting into autumn mode. I am personally looking forward to cosy days in my new studio getting things done. I have a few ideas (top secret right now) but am looking forward to getting down to it! 

Here's a little wharf rat... that was me... all summer... haha!

Tofino Fishing Adventures (When I'm Not Drawing)

After 4 years fishing for other sport fishing companies in Tofino, my husband and supporter Adam Watson finally started his own charter company! He bought an old flybridge cruiser that was in terribly rough shape, gutted it and rebuilt the entire boat (all in 6 months) to become the coolest vintage sport fishing boat in Tofino's fleet if I do say so myself. I did not think it would happen, but he proved me wrong! Luckily he has a designer for a wife so I could help him with his promo and marketing, but trust me... if you ever go on this boat with him, you will not go on another!