The work that goes into a good logo is understandably a mystery to most people. My goal as a designer is to come up with a concept that contains the most amount of meaning to you in the least amount of elements, effectively creating a clean design that represents your business in the most memorable way to your clients or customers. In order to help you understand whats involved, I decided to break it down so you’ll have a better understanding of the process. I know it may seem like a fairly broad range, but generally most of the logos I have done can take from 15-40 hours ($900+) with the average small business being between 15-20 hours ($900-$1200). After you've taken a gander at the following, please feel free to fill out my branding questionnaire (button at the end) so I can get a clear idea of your project!


STEP 1: Concept and Creative Development // 4-6 hours

This is the research stage of the process. I go through your questionnaire where I learn more about your business history, design requirements, personality. I’ll check out your Pinterest links or instagram. I will create mood boards for my reference, where I will collect ideas until I have an A-ha moment!


This is the fun part for me. I get out my pencils and paper, or my iPad and I will scribble and doodle some ideas. Don’t worry… I won’t show you a napkin with a bunch of scribbles on it. I will clean 3-4 initial concepts up nicely for you and then send them to you via email.


Changes and modifications and re-formatting. This is where I would repeat the previous step or move forward. Time is dependent on amount of work.

STEP 3: Layout and Assembly // 6 - 12 hours

Once you (and/or) your team has had a chance to review the designs and have chosen your favourite, I’ll then take that and render it (drawing any illustrated components if applicable). After that I will carefully select fonts (or hand script) and work on the layout, initial ‘brand’ colour choices. I will then format 2-3 versions to present to you.


Changes and modifications and re-formatting. This is where I would repeat the previous step or move forward. Time is dependent on amount of work.


Here is where I take your new logo, and format it in a variety of formats for different uses (print and web). See deliverables below.

Other // 2-3 hours

Client communications and meetings. I am always happy to keep the lines of communication wide open so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


What you’ll receive when it all done!

  • Unlimited usage rights - this means you can use on any media (print, web, signage, apparel and other merchandise etc.) for an indefinite amount of time.

  • 2-4 Colour Versions (where applicable) - Full colour, Greyscale, Black (single colour), and white (singe colour) for overlay on colour or images.

  • Print and Web formats - Vector PDF (for print media, indefinitely scalable), high resolution (300dpi) JPEG and transparent background PNG (for print), low resolution (72dpi) JPEG and PNG for web use in all the versions.

  • Brand Style Guide with colour codes (CMYK, RGB, Web Safe RGB), font names, and file reference.Any Fonts that are ‘purchased’ for your logo will be extra, but I don’t often need to do that unless you are set on a particular font I don’t have.

  • All files will be uploaded to a Dropbox folder for you to download. If you would like me to save the files on a USB stick, please provide one at your convenience or I can pick one up and add it to the invoice.

Let me know if this falls within your budget, or if you do have a budget in mind please let me know and I can see if I can work within it. I have attached a branding questionnaire that you can fill out and send back to me at your convenience. The more information I can get initially, the more efficient the design process will be. If you want to see some of the branding work I have done you can find it here.

I generally require a 30% deposit to begin the process. Payment can be made by cheque, credit card via square (I can invoice if needed), or email transfer to studio@clairewatson.com.

“We had the pleasure of working with Claire at Tourism Ucluelet for a rebranding project to refresh our logo of our major resort town in Western Canada. After an in-depth RFP process we narrowed down our search to Claire. She delivered outstanding communication, amazing work on time, and on budget. She is top notch talent you can rely upon when doing important work at the highest levels. It does not get any better and we could not recommend her enough!”

— Brent Hohlweg - Tourism Ucluelet Marketing Manager