Free Downloadable Colouring Pages

Help yourself to one of my monthly west coast colouring pages (free for a limited time)! You will also find these in Tofino Time magazine each month in a variety of locations in British Columbia. If you want to show me what you've done then snap a photo, upload to Instagram with the hashtag #tofinocolour (or #tofinocolor for you south of the border). Each month I will randomly award someone with one of my prints at the end of each month! 


September - Coastal Wolf

Well we seem to be back to the beginning with 14 pages now done! Time to think about assembling my colouring book so I can get it done before Christmas (I will have a few more pages to add to it).

Coastal wolves share our space here in Tofino. They are different from the inland Grey wolves you find on the mainland of BC. They tend to be smaller, they swim and primarily eat fish. As much as we love viewing wolves, they tend to become easily habituated with the amount of human interactions that take place on the coast (camping, garbage etc.) If you see a wolf, briefly enjoy its beauty and then scare it away. You will save it in the long run!


August - Pathway to Paradise

From Schooner Cove, to Tonquin Beach to Hot Springs Cove, boardwalk rainforest trails are everywhere in Tofino. They keep the rich forest floor from being trampled on by the thousands of people who visit this beautiful place, and make some special places more accessible to all. August is a beautiful month... "Fogust" as it is called for the air is typically damp and heavily laden with marine fog until about 2pm (mostly on the beaches). With this damp air comes MUSHROOM season, and I love mid month bush wacking for Chanterelles! 



July - Beneath The Surface

It's starting to get pretty busy in Tofino! The summer has finally arrived after a long, wet, dark winter. This month I decided to head underwater to visit a different culture of coast. Please go ahead a give it as much colour as you can! It will be available in July's Tofino Time magazine coming out soon. Hashtag #tofinocolour or #tofinocolor on Instagram for a random chance to win a print at the end of July.

June - West Coast Beach Days

The weather seems to have gone straight from winter to summertime overnight, bringing some long awaited hot sunny days and the inevitable marine fog in the mornings. I was wracking my brain thinking of what to do for this months colouring page, but then I had a beach day with my girls and this just seemed to fit the bill. Help yourself to the download button, or look for it in June's Tofino Time magazine! Being the west coast there will still be plenty of indoor foggy colouring days! haha!



May - How To Fillet a WILD Salmon

This month’s colouring page was a tricky one to decide on as there is so much going on in our little town. For all the foodies, there are a plethora of culinary activities that take place all month as part of Feast Tofino. Surfers from all over the place show up to compete or just spectate the shear awesomeness of skill at the Rip Curl Pro surf competition. You’ll finally be able to get your hands on one of the 19 original surf boards at The Tofino Boardwalk Gala auction (including one of mine). We’ve also got the Tofino Shorebird Festival and the Tofino Public Market starts up again on the long weekend! Check Tourism Tofino’s website for a much more detailed list.

I decided to have a little fun and go for something a little different (which I suppose goes along with the ‘Feast Tofino’ theme), and leave you with something practical. It will be showing up in May’s Tofino Time magazine in a day or two, as well as on my website. Feel free to cut it out or print it and stick it on your fridge (or near the BBQ)! 

April - Spring, Springs and Hidden Things 

March was a really wet month... so wet that I feel like a grape. Lots of soggy dog walks and indoor cabin (or tiny boat) fever feelings! Now it's April, and I actually see warmer temperatures in future weather forecasts! I heard the Robins sing this morning and that made me stand a little taller and walk with a little more 'spring' in my step! Its time for the Salmon to start showing up a little more frequently in Clayoquot Sound. Its time for chocolate Easter eggs, sunshine, blooming flowers and actual signs of Spring! Whoa am I ready for that (as I am sure all Tofitians are)!

Here is your colouring page inspired by all of the above. Look out for it in the April Tofino Time magazine!



March - Whale Migration

March is an exciting time in Tofino... everyone slowly wakes up after their winter hibernation, businesses begin to open for the season, the weather begins to warm up, and best of all we welcome home the grey whales who are returning from the warmer southern currents. Tofitians celebrate this of course with a 2 week festival - The Pacific Rim Whale Festival. Even though its often raining, there is a parade through town and various other whale activities to kick off the season. 

February - Pacific Pulse

Pluviophile. a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. (LOVE this)

Its February... and although I tend to feel compelled to follow the seasons with my colouring pages, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Its a 'Hallmark' branded holiday designed to get suckers (sorry if you are a sucker, or a business owner who sells to suckers) to buy cards, chocolate and flowers for their loved ones... a perfect marketing ploy as far as I'm concerned (Hang on! Should I be making Valentines cards too?). Maybe I'm just lucky that my guy (after 21 years together) doesn't need a 'day' to remind him... haha! Instead I am reminding us why we should LOVE the rainy winters. Rain is the source of life here on the coast... like it or not. 



December - Deck The Hollow

It's Christmas time in Tofino! Winter Markets, crafters working on overdrive to provide locally made goodies for all your holiday gift giving needs. There is also a beautiful light display at the Tofino Botanical Gardens! I love the cozy time on the boat... twinkle lights, cheesy holiday movies, a little rum, family and friends... ahhhhhhh.

January - Stormwatching

January in Tofino means hunkering down or skipping town to warmer climates! Rain, wind and chilly days bash the Pacific coastline relentlessly. There are days though, when the storms break and the sun brings about the most dynamic changes of weather... a photographers dream! I personally love that the town of Tofino slows down just enough to play a little catch up after the season or just get together with friends, get creative and plan for the year!



October - Natural Elements

October is Tofino's official 'Surf Month'... and the kick off to the surf season (winter) along the coast line. All the local surfers in Tofino are stoked for this time of year as its time for the bigger waves in Cox Bay!

November - Oyster Harvest

With Autumn truly settling in and the days getting shorter (and darker), Tofitians look forward to any excuse to dress up. The Annual Oyster Festival takes place in November along with the well attended Mermaid's Ball. I thought that would make a perfect theme for this months colouring page. 



September - Spawning Salmon

By September, Coho and Chinook Salmon are making their way up the rivers to spawn creating an easy feast for our local wildlife including Bears, Wolves and Eagles. 

August - Westcoast Orcas

Occasionally during the summer months we get visits from transient Orcas (Killer Whales) cruising around just offshore and in Clayoquot Sound. While resident Orcas feed primarily on Salmon, transients whales often feed on harbour seals and sea lions!