In order to develop an accurate quote and have a better understanding of the requirements for your branding project, please take some time to address the following considerations. Your answers to the following questions will help to:

  • Ensure that you as the client can understand exactly what needs to be achieved from your branding/logo creation project.

  • Provide a point of reference for myself as the designer, forming the focus of my work. The more information you can provide, the more efficient the design process will be.

Name *
Describe your primary service, product offering, key clients, and position in the industry.
Who is your target audience? (For example, what types of clients do you want to attract?)
Describe what’s precipitated the need for this project (e.g. a new product launch, new business, revamp).
Will the branding exposure be local, national or international?
What are the top 3 concepts your logo/branding should convey about your business? How do you want it to feel?
What is your positioning in relation to your target market?
 Use descriptive words, i.e.: edgy vs. corporate; playful vs. serious; bright vs. subdued; modern vs. classic. If there are examples of branding you respect (within or outside of your industry) and feel are on target, please share them. References can help to narrow the look and feel of your project.
What materials/media will the logo be applied to?
Provide a time frame for completion. Is it a hard deadline (a specific date) or a soft deadline (based on general expectations)?
Please advise if you have a maximum budget. This will affect decisions on the specifications and scope of the project.
What environmental organizations or programs does your business support? This can be through donated time, products, or funding.

Thank you for your time and consideration.