Hey… Thanks for reaching out! In order to get to know you and your vision, I have devised a little questionnaire for you. The main objective here is to determine the what, where and when of your project and intended use of my art. This will also enable me to better understand your needs and be able to more accurately estimate your project. Looking forward to working with you!

Name *
What are you hoping to have me create for you (or do you see an image of mine already you are hoping to use)?
What do you plan to apply the image to? *
There is so much stuff out there to print on, I would love to know what your ideas are.
Please Specify
What style of printing are you thinking of? *
This will help me determine what medium and style of art will work best for you. Screen printing is the most common for 1-4 colour garment printing. DTG, or direct to garment printing is good for full colour.
Are you selling them on your website? A Mom and Pop shop in a small town? A big box store in a big city? Inquiring minds want to know.
How many years do you plan to use the image? *
Do you want exclusive use of the design? *
Are you wanting to be the only person or business to use this particular design during our agreed usage contract?
I know it is sometimes hard to know, but it can help me know where my design parameters would be.
Commission Payment Structure
Commissioning artists for apparel graphics can be done a couple of different ways. A FLAT FEE - The license for the artwork can be invoiced outright for a flat fee. This works well if you are a small business or start up and have no idea what your revenue would be. ROYALTIES + ADVANCE - Royalties are a percentage of revenue (with an advance up front). This works if you are a more established company with a larger distribution and have a good idea of projected revenue. This requires a little more 'keeping track', but often means less initial payment. Do you have a preference?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form. I tried to keep it short… honest!