Photo by John Kelsey

Photo by John Kelsey

About Me

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.
— Robert Wyland

Being raised on the coast of Vancouver Island, I was immersed in the natural culture of the ocean early in life. I had many opportunities to travel and explore by sea much of the coastline of North America mostly by sailboat or salmon packer in which I developed a deep connection and admiration for this coast. The rugged shores, ocean swells, hardy forest fringes, mountain vistas, starry nights, dynamic daily changes in light and weather, secluded beaches… a rugged, yet fragile landscape makes up the environment I call home. We are all tethered to nature and must respect who and what we are, and this in essence has become my muse. 

As Jacques Cousteau so eloquently put, “People protect what they love.” It is my desire to harness the power of art and design and it’s influence on popular culture to give the oceans and the creatures within a voice. To create something tangible. To capture the beauty and fluidity out of something ever changing to not only raise awareness, but to promote discussion, inspire change and share my passion for this fragile environment through my art.

Working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator has allowed me to find a nice balance between work and play. I work primarily in pen and ink and watercolour - the ability to control the fine line work detail but then let it go with the unpredictable nature of watercolour is something I can identify with. I have also been enjoying acrylic paint pens and tackling the surfaces of Surfboards, Skateboards and hats when the weather is right and I can work outside (the lack of a studio has me getting creative with my small spaces)! My illustrations have been featured to promote many of the popular large events and organizations of the Pacific Rim Coast including the Pacific Rim Whale Festival (2015), Tofino Food and Wine Festival (2016), and the Pacific Rim Arts Society (PRAS) Summer Festival (2015 and 2016). I have also worked with Surfrider Pacific Rim, Clayoquot Action, Clayoquot CleanUp, the Tofino Saltwater Classic and Tofino Arts Council in their fundraising campaigns, and assisted many local west coast businesses with their branding and design work for both print projects, web and apparel.

Claire and her husband Adam reside in the small coastal town of Tofino British Columbia with their two daughters Finlea and Rowan, and their one eyed pirate pooch Chavela... all packed neatly aboard their 42’ sailboat.